Topper's Desk Program And a Lot more
Topper's Desk Program And a Lot more


Topper's Desk program is a live test series for students of class 12th. In which students can enroll along with this course " by default the system is set to enroll every student who enroll for "biology live classes" However you can opt in or opt out of the program at the checkout.

How this will work?

Online live test series will be conducted on the platform of study panda and the enrolled students will be notified accordingly. These tests will be deciding the rank of enrolled students and the reports will be generated on the basis of quality scores. Then the result of the test will be published on the website "study panda". The students who achieve Higher Quality Score will be awarded accordingly. The maximum limit of prize is "INR 1 lakh cash".

What is live test Series?

"Live test Series" is a set of 4 Live Exams which will be conducted throughout the year as Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 and Final Tier Exam. Each test will have "200 compulsory Multiple Choice Questions". Each Question will have 4 choices which has to be answered according to the question. Each Question will carry a weightage of " 1 Marks" which will be awarded for each right answer. However, negative marking will also be there and " 1 Mark " will be deducted for each wrong answer.

The syllabus of the test series will be the same as of the 12th class CBSE Board syllabus of respective subject for which the student has enrolled. Every test will be designed on the basis of the extent of syllabus covered in the online Tuition/ Live Classes.
Before the commencement of the " Final Tier" Exam, the respective syllabus of the students will be completed and the whole syllabus will be there in " Final Tier" Exam.

What is meant by Quality Score & How it will be Calculated?

Quality Score is the final score of a student which will decide the rank of enrolled students who have appeared in the " Topper's Desk Program".
The Quality Score will be Calculated as follow :

Quality Score= {[( T1 + T2 + T3)*1/2 + FT] + AS*1/10}*N

> "T 1", "T2" & "T3" stands for "Tier 1" score, "Tier 2" score, "Tier 3" score respectively.
> "FT" stands for score of "Final Tier" exam.
> "AS" stands for "Assignment Score"
> "N" stands for "Number of students enrolled"