As our products are all non tangible identities and particularly services, there will be no refunds and returns on the services any customer bought. However if some services remain unused from the customer side, they might be eligible for discount coupons or gift cards, if he/she makes a claim that the services they bought are different then what they were buying. In this condition only the transfer of credits for other services are available that also only if, Company ( Study Panda) finds it desirable. No other claims for refunds and returns will be accomplished.

To be eligible for a transfer of credits, your  services  must be unused and the claim must have to be made within 3 days from the day your services starts.

Several types of services are non – transferrable. 

List of Non- transferrable services:

  • Gift cards
  • Downloadable software products
  • Discount Coupons 

To complete your transfer of credits, you have to send an email under the subject ” Transfer of Credits” providing information about services which you wish to buy and ended in buying wrong one at the email address: helpdesk@studypanda.in



Illicit Behavior of Student/Customer

Any student/customer who disrespects or show any illicit behavior towards any tutor or staff member, would be immediately restrained from using any further services without any notice. No refund/return/ transfer of credits will be given to such students/customers and they will be restrained from using any further services.




We do not provide any exchanges, we only provide credits according to your purchase.


Certain students who outperform the tests and courses will get gift cards accordingly on the basis of there performance from time to time. These gift cards are non transferrable and only can be used as credits or coupons or buying new courses only on our site: https://studypanda.in


Need help?

Contact us at Helpdesk@studypanda.in for questions related to refunds and returns.