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Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants.
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Human Reproduction
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1.) Flowers are used as ornamentals in many cultures for different occasions.

2.) Flowers are specialized structure which contains Male Reproductive Organ ( Androecium) & Female Reproductive Organ ( Gynoecium) of Plants.

3.) Androecium & Gynoecium develop and differentiate in Pre-Fertilization events. Also Gametogenesis and Transfer of Gametes takes Place in this event.

4.) The process of Gametogenesis in Androecium is Microsporogenesis and in Gynoecium is Megasporogenesis.

5.) Microsporogenesis takes place inside the microsporangium of a Bilobed or unilobed Anther with the help of nourishment provided by the Tapetum Cells.

6.) Megasporogenesis takes place inside the ovule of ovary of multicarpellary or monocarpellary pistil.

7.) Pollen Grain Mother Cell undergoes meiosis to produce microspore tetrad which further divides mitotically to become a mature Pollen grain.

8.) A mature pollen grain has a protective layer called Exine which is made up of sporopollenin and another inner layer called Intine which is made up of cellulose and pectin. They both encloses the Vegetative & Generative Cell. Sometimes Generative Cells divides to produce two male gametes.

9.) Whereas, Megaspore Mother Cell ( MMC ) undergoes meiosis to produce four megaspore tetrad cell out of which 3 degenerates and only one divides mitotically to produce 8 nucleated 7 celled stage Embryo Sac.

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